Science, Engineering, and Technical Assistance

Technical Experts to Help Reach Your Science and Technology Objectives

Trenchant Analytics support to the Science and Technology Community goes back to the company founding. We specialize in highly-qualified technical experts that also have the experience and tempering that comes from operational military service.

We pride ourselves in finding, recruiting, and retaining the high-demand, high-value talent that is critical to mission accomplishment for Science and Technology organizations.

Our SETA Support Delivers Results


    Fresh ideas are the life blood of science and technology organizations. Our personnel have the acuity and acumen to generate fresh ideas and help develop them into realities.


    From an idea, through a process, to an approval, there are many points at which the fledgling project or program can get derailed. We have the experience to keep them on track.


    Kick-off is just the beginning. Advanced research and formal acquisition programs often require EVM, contract performance measurement, schedule compliance, performer oversight, test & evaluation, etc. We can help.

Program Dynamics in an increasingly complex world

Collaborative Approach

Group-think is toxic and hubris is destructive. Our staff never approaches challenges with pre-formed solutions or thinking they’re the smartest person in the room. We believe that bringing different perspectives, fresh ideas, and varied experiences to bear on challenging problems results in optimum outcomes.

Tapping the Stream of Consciousness

Science and Technology is inherently in a constant state of forward motion, a stream of information, thought, creativity, and creation. The corpus of information relevant to national security accelerates in size and scope as private and public sectors drive each other forward.

Our staff stand in the stream, informed by decades of military operational and acquisition experience, while staying abreast of the state of the art in research, development, deployment, and creative destruction across industry, academia and government S&T sectors.

Cross-Organizational Connectivity

Our staff support many of the leading government S&T organizations. That presence enables our personnel to identify and connect thought leaders across organizations on an additional communications plane, identifying best-practices, strategic and operational trends, and driving collaboration between entities.

Science and Technology is prone to stove-piping, with each organization focused on pushing the edge of the possible in their respective mission area. Our staff leverages their broad situational awareness and multiple lines of communication to permeate stovepipes and drive collaboration.


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