What Sets Us Apart


TAC specializes in support that combines military operational experience with science and technology expertise to assist some of the most advanced technology research and development across the national security enterprise. Our unwavering focus is on the success of decision makers responsible for maintaining technological superiority against any adversary.

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

Our highly experienced personnel support some of the most advanced and dynamic entities within the U.S. Government.

Business, Financial, and Acquisition Management

We have more than a decade of acquisition and technology development experience, from SBIR to ACAT1 programs.

Program, Project, Innovation, and Knowledge Management

Public sector work is increasingly complicated, encompassing more data, inter-dependencies, and trade-offs. We can help you.

Science and Technology Focus

Orthogonal Approach

TAC is a lean and agile company. We keep our overhead low so that we can maintain competitive advantage while attracting and retaining top-quality talent. The end result is dedicated employees and satisfied customers.


Military Family

TAC is a woman-owned, veteran-operated company that values our military families and hires mainly veterans.


Technical to Operational

TAC personnel combine deep technical knowledge and experience with equal measures of organizational and managerial acumen.

Constant Ideation

Innovation is an over-used, hollow buzzword. TAC is constantly seeking out, developing, and delivering new ideas, concepts, and approaches.

Our Clients


With more than a decade supporting the Science and Technology community, our clients have ranged across Departments and Agencies.

Intensely Focused on Your Success


1 : keen, sharp
2 : vigorously effective and articulate; a trenchant analysis
3 : sharply perceptive, penetrating; a trenchant view of current conditions
4 : clear-cut, distinct

Customer support at Trenchant Analytics starts with customer awareness.  This awareness sharpens our focus that, beyond the urgent and daily grind, what we do ultimately serves technology users at the operational edge. Our senior staff of former military operators are driven by a keen, sharp focus to deliver overmatch capabilities to the operator.