Products that brought a change

Automated Utilities for Transforming Orthomoasics and 3D Mesh's (AUTO3D)

AUTO3D is an edge-deployable pipeline for converting streaming and static video and images into 2D maps and 3D model. Unlike most ortho tools, AUTO3D also converts and normalizes data in the background and automatically pipelines it to enterprise platforms including NGA's Federated Coproduction, SOCOM's MCS/COP, and USASOC's MME


AI for Federal Acquisition (ACQBOT)

ACQBOT uses the latest Large Language Model (LLM) generative capabilities paired with intuitive workflows and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to connect a government AI-Powered acquisition systems with an industry AI-Powered proposal platform. The coupled capabilities replace the monthslong user requirement development, market research, Sources Sought, RFI, determination of set-aside, solicitation, award, and contracting processes and shorten them to days or hours.


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