Our Mission is to Become Your Critical Team Member

Some companies view their personnel and customers as just numbers and line items, nameless, faceless entities on the other end of electronic correspondence. Trenchant Analytics is more like a family: We ascribe to common values, we believe in maintaining the highest standards, and we strive to deliver our best while believing we can always do better. We internalize your mission, align our values, and apply our standards of quality to help you achieve your desired end-states.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to become a member of your team and help you accomplish yours

Learn, understand, and internalize our customers’ missions

Recognize the formal and informal standards and norms of your organization

Integrate our personnel and services into your critical path

Identify areas where we can help improve your mission accomplishment and develop supporting strategies

Continually examine, assess, and improve

Core Values

Our values can be summarized as "be the best, nothing less"

Zero-tolerance for error

There is no such thing as good enough

Understand customer expectations, then exceed them

Play well with others

Success is a team sport

Who we support

Trenchant Analytics, LLC provides programmatic, financial, scientific, and engineering support to assist in the management of advanced technology development programs. Our customers (past and present) include:

Our Clients Include

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Advanced Technology Office (ATO)

Technical progress reviews, development of procurement guidance, preparation of program and contract documentation, and systems analysis and engineering for the DARPA-U.S. Navy Submarine Payloads and Sensors program and the Information Assurance Transition (IAT) program.

Information Awareness Office (IAO)

Strategic planning and liaison (DARPA internal and agency external) support to the Office Director and Deputy Director. Business and financial management support to the Assistant Director for Program Management, responsible for oversight of over 18 concurrent research programs and seedling efforts.

Joint Unmanned Combat Air System (J-UCAS)

Systems engineering, test and evaluation planning, program budget planning, financial management, cost estimating to include planning, data collection, and systems integration to perform life-cycle cost analysis.

Strategic Technology Office (STO)

Contract management and technical, programmatic, financial and administrative tasks, as well as systems engineering, technical assistance, and management expertise in support of program development, planning, security and execution for the following programs: Information Assurance Transition Program, Dynamic Quarantine of Worms (DQW), Defense Against Cyber Attacks on Mobile Ad Hoc Network Systems (DCAMANETS), and the Information Operations R&D portfolio.

Tactical Technology Office (TTO)

Technology transition support to the US Air Force military liaison in DIRO functioning as a liaison between DARPA technology offices analyzing over 400 projects for utility and relevance to Air Force needs, and facilitation of requirements definition and transition planning.

Directors Office (DIRO)

Technology transition support to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and US Air Force military liaison in DIRO functioning as a liaison between DARPA technology offices analyzing over 400 projects for utility and relevance to Air Force needs, and facilitation of requirements definition and transition planning.

Department of Defense (DoD)

US Navy, Undersea Warfare Chief Technology Office

Systems engineering, technical analysis, technology roadmapping, technology transition planning, science & technology objective (STO) development, technology exchange forum and integrated process team planning and execution, evaluation of Naval Sea Systems Command S&T and R&D deliverables, and facilitation of engagement between the S&T, R&D, and acquisition communities.

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Project planning, program coordination, systems integration, program presentation, technology transition, contract solicitation, reviewing technical and cost elements of research proposals, contract monitoring/performance reporting, evaluation of R&D deliverables, budget formulation, budget execution, and support for establishing new research initiatives.

Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program Office

Systems engineering, contract monitoring/performance reporting to evaluate the adequacy of R&D deliverables, budget formulation, and budget execution for the JSF.

Navy-Air Force

Project planning, coordination, and systems integration, budget formulation/execution, and support for new research initiatives for the Joint Sidewinder AIM-9X program.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (DHSS&T)

Systems engineering and technical support for the Automated Screening and Targeting (ASAT) Program, which successfully transitioned to DHS Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and for the DHS Project Hostile Intent (PHI) Program.


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