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Tory Hill

Director, Decision Support Systems thill@trenchantanalytics.com


Former career U.S. Navy submariner with 23 years of experience encompassing at-sea operations and extensive training on, and exposure to, various mainframe, auxiliary and developmental sonar-related systems and sensors. Comprehensive knowledge of Naval systems engineering principles and practices. Fifteen years managing submarine operations in diverse environments, from missile deterrent patrols on strategic missile submarines to brown water, Northern Atlantic, and Pacific deployments onboard attack submarines. Developed, reviewed and validated detailed documentation for all VIRGINIA Class Combat Systems Warfare Federated Tactical Systems (SWFTS). Developed sonar training documentation in support of crew manning of the first VIRGINIA Class submarines. Developed group-based training for an acoustic interception and countermeasures system to enable an automatic response to torpedo attacks. Assists clients with the implementation of collaborative information technology solutions, technology roadmapping tools, data analysis, and information systems architecture improvements.

To most, Knowledge Management is a poorly-built filing system, not to Tory.



Undersea Warfare Chief Technology Office


Knowledge Manager, Cydecor Inc.


U.S. Navy Submarine Sonar Technician


  • AS, Science Engineering Management (IT), Grantham University
  • Certified Knowledge Manager
  • Certified advanced network analyst