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Program Managers are the backbone of the acquisition system, from requirements development before a program is even conceptualized, through disposal at the end of a system's life-cycle. Program Management is a complex, dynamic, stressful, never-ending job that requires competence, judgment, unwavering ethics, and attention to detail. From small-scale, middle-tier acquisition projects to full scale, ACAT1 programs of record, Program Managers need competent, scrupulous, professional support they can trust and rely on. Trenchant Analytics offers highly educated, formally certified, and highly experienced Program Management professionals to support your program.


Trenchant Analytics focuses on mutually supportive core competencies such as business and financial management, knowledge management, and innovation management because they act as force multipliers for organizational effectiveness at the level of the Program Manager. These capabilities are integral to end-to-end program support, informed by industry best practices, and deliver exceptional value to our customers.


Our staff hold DAWIA and PMI career certifications in Program Management and related disciplines.


Our staff have experience in a range of Program Management activities from R&D to procurement and fielding.


Whether you need focused assistance with specific management tasks or a full suite of support capabilities, our team can form, augment, or consult your team to make your program a management success.


Beyond answering, “What problem are you trying to solve?”, we strive to understand key critical factors that your programs seek to accomplish and address:  What are the cost, schedule, performance, and risk constraints and what trade space is available within each of these areas?  What is the range of stakeholders critical to program success and who is is the ultimate customer?  Who else is devoting resources to the same or related problems and what are the opportunities for collaboration?  How is your approach different from the state of the art?  If this program succeeds or fails, who will care?
We can help validate the answers to these questions to guide program strategy development and to ensure a supportive foundation for program execution.

Our planning services include:

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Contract Strategy
  • Major System Architecture Integration
  • Test and Evaluation Planning
  • Fielding Planning
  • Supportability and Sustainment
  • Life-Cycle Logistics
  • POM Planning
  • Work Breakdown Structuring
  • Performance-Based Metrics
  • Upgrade and Replacements
  • Total Ownership Cost Estimation


Getting a program off the ground and moving forward at a sustainable but rapid pace requires maintaining awareness of often volatile  resource, operational, and political realities.  What are the long-lead and critical path items?  What facets of a program can tolerate risk and to what extent, versus areas that need 100% certainty?  What performer proposals appear plausible and within a range of reasonable risk, and which are fairy tales and wishful thinking?  These questions require significant experience in evaluating technology proposals and following through on the performance and outcomes of chosen performers over the life of a program – our staff has the experience to get your program moving forward and to maintain track to cost, schedule and performance.

How we can help you take off on the right trajectory:

  • Market Research
  • Broad Agency Announcements
  • Proposal Evaluation and Review
  • Proposal Response and AAR
  • Contract Strategy
  • Statement of Work Development
  • Plan of Action and Milestones
  • Systems Engineering Planning
  • Budget Execution Strategy
  • Earn Value Management
  • Risk Management


Successful program execution requires oversight informed by experience and expertise in a variety of disciplines.  Our staff approaches Program Management as a balanced mix of carefully applied technical and programmatic skills and tools that goes hand-in-glove with a capacity to build rapport with all relevant stakeholders. This combination enables the government Program Manager to elicit sustained effort from their performer contractors, to objectively measure results, and to implement timely course corrections when cost, schedule or performance veer off-track.

Let us help you manage your program:

  • Applied Systems Engineering
  • Req. Analysis and Translation
  • Contract Modification
  • Schedule and EVM Management
  • Deliverables Evaluation
  • Contractor Relations Man.
  • Reporting Requirements Man.
  • Integrated Product Team Man.
  • End-User Engagement
  • Configuration Management
  • Technical Data Management
  • RAM Analysis


Additional capabilities and expertise outside the strict scope of a defined program are often required  to ensure success throughout a program’s life cycle. From developmental and operational test and evaluation, to logistics and sustainment, through fielding and ultimately to replacement or demilitarization, knowing how to access, utilize, and integrate these capabilities is critical to overall program success.  We offer a staff with decades of success across a wide variety of disciplines and the agility to find and bring subject matter experts with deep relevant experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

Additional Management Services:

  • Total Ownership Cost (TOC)
  • Systems Sustainment Man.
  • Performance-Based Logistics
  • Life Cycle Man. & Sust. Metrics
  • Supportability Analysis
  • Services Acquisition
  • TEMP Development
  • Mod-Sim for Test and Eval
  • Systems Engineering for SoS
  • Capabilities-Based Assessment
  • Developmental T&E Man.
  • Operational T&E Man.
  • RMF Analysis