To Become Your Critical Team Member


Some companies view their personnel and customers as just numbers and line items, nameless, faceless entities on the other end of electronic correspondence. Trenchant Analytics is more like a family:  We ascribe to common values, we believe in maintaining the highest standards, and we strive to deliver our best while believing we can always do better.  We internalize your mission, align our values, and apply our standards of quality to help you achieve your desired end-states.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to become a member of your team and help you accomplish yours

  • Learn, understand, and internalize our customers’ missions
  • Recognize the formal and informal standards and norms of your organization
  • Integrate our personnel and services into your critical path
  • Identify areas where we can help improve your mission accomplishment and develop supporting strategies
  • Continually examine, assess, and improve

Core Values

Our values can be summarized as "be the best, nothing less"

  • Zero-tolerance for error
  • There is no such thing as good enough
  • Understand customer expectations, then exceed them
  • Play well with others
  • Success is a team sport