We assist commercial and government clients with the maturation and transition of emerging and advanced technologies. Our key personnel possess a combined 150+ years experience in programmatic and business leadership from their work within Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security research and development environments. We are focused on providing program management and consulting services that span strategic S&T planning, major acquisition program development and execution, and the delivery of technology solutions that counter unconventional threats to U.S. national security. Founded in August 2004, Trenchant Analytics, LLC is a veteran-owned small business servicing clients primarily in the National Capital Region. 

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[mt_services icon=”fa fa-flask” title=”Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance” text=”Subject Matter Expert support to the Science and Technology enterprise” color_icon=”#353528″ extra_class=””]
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[mt_services icon=”fa fa-retweet” title=”Enterprise Innovation Management” text=”Assisting clients in developing innovative concepts and processes to successfully field game-changing capabilities” color_icon=”#353528″ extra_class=”” bg_icon=”” line_icon=”” border_px=””]
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Management” text=”Supporting development and acquisition from small rapid acquisition projects to major system acquisitions” color_icon=”#353528″ extra_class=”” bg_icon=”” line_icon=”” border_px=””]
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